Founded in 2000 by Grandmother Danuta Ogaoeno Mette and Harvey Silver Fox Mette. The name “K-ochana” comes from a Hawaiian word meaning “family.” By adding “K”, we created “Beloved family” from a Polish word “kochana” meaning “beloved.” This is how we wish for all our visitors to feel- feel like home.

We draw our life philosophy and inspiration to live in harmony with Nature in a big part from the Native American and Slavic traditions (look founding story). We welcome all those who come here from the heart place- no matter what religion, believes or walks of life they come from.

Our place is meant to Inspire, Nourish, Self-educate and Hug you like a warm blanket when you need it most.

Our place is filled with energy of Love, Acceptance and Awareness.

Our place is where you can meet with Yourself and others in an Intimate and Safe Space.

Our place is where you can Release Stress, trauma, sadness, anger, despair and open yourself and fill with new found joy and love for life over again.

What we do

Together with the therapists, teachers, psychologists and native elders that come here to work with the people and share their wisdom, we create a safe space for self-expression, letting go of stress, fears and opening bottled up emotions.

With the help of our beautiful gardens and green areas we provide an opening for renewing Earth Connection, for grounding and for peaceful rest.

With the help of our old wooden house and the rooms in the refurbished barn we give our visitors peace of the their own spaces and asylum for their inner journeys.

With the help of ample workshop space we make room to facilitate the healing

With the help of our permaculture veggie gardens, ecological orchard and overall nature friendly approach to the cultivating of the land- we nourish our bodies and all those who come to visit us.

We live and cultivate the land according to the seasons, in balance with Mother Earth.

We have hundreds of people coming through our Foundation every year. They come depressed and gloomy and thanks to our team, they leave joyful and rested.