We wish to continue to serve the people and the land

At the moment we are in the process of gathering funds to buy K-ochana Foundation’s homeland from its’ present owner, so we and the land continue to be of service for the benefit of all. K-ochana was bought and founded in 2000 by a Native American ElderGrandfather Silver Fox and his Polish/Canadian wife Grandmother Danuta […]

New Life

We are so happy to share that on the 24th of February, the day War broke in Ukraine, we greeted birth of Peace Puppies. They are children of our beloved dogs- Cherokee Amazing Grace and Kirana. We have long waited for that miracle to happen and finally it’s here! Or rather they are here 5 […]

Helping our winged and four-legged friends in winter

Winter is harsh and so unpredictable this year. We are always trying to be sensitive to our winged brothers and sisters. We buy lots of sunflower seeds for the birds and squirrels. We tried other grains, yet the sunflower seems to be the most popular. We feed the flying tribes around the house and in […]