K-ochana Foundation

Iza_Bielnicka-Brama Kobiecości Świątynia Przebudzone Łono

Iza Bielnicka

I create a space for transformation, love and understanding. I assist when the new life comes and when the old one dies.

I am a wise one stiring in the Couldron of Transformation. I hold the Womb Space. I walk the path of Love. I am a Wild Woman dancing with the Moon. I am a Doula of the Soul, supporting the women for over 10 years now, on their paths to full, authentic, wild feminine and sexual live. I’m passionate about inner shadow hunting, so that we can go back to our Love Essence.

I walk my own path. I love the forest, bare feet, fire, free Yoni and wild dance by the sound of drums.

I studied with many world-famous teachers like: Seren and Azra Bertrand, Chameli Gad Ardagh and Grandmother Arapata Temaari Aiono.

I love working in K-ochana, a wonderful place for self-expression of all that needs to come out 🙂