K-ochana Foundation


Katarzyna Niewiadomska

I consider myself a very creative woman, mother and wife. I love to learn new skills and I continuously keep discovering my gifts and wisdom.

I am a Reiki Healer, I do Chinese Cupping Massage. I am currently learning the Craniosacral Therapy. I love to serve people and help them feel better again.

I also decorate candles and stationery with a decoupage method. I constantly find new ways of expressing myself and it is contagious 🙂

I heard about K-ochana many years ago, yet only 2 years ago I managed to put my feet on this sacred ground. When I stood in front of the gate I felt so moved. It was magical. K-ochana a very exceptional place, My place. It’s my second home. I love to come and take part in workshops, help out in the kitchen, or just rest and meditate. I’m so grateful that I can support K-ochana with my creativity. Aura of this place brings out loving feelings.