Justyna Masella Praszyńska i Roman Praszyński

We are a couple of Therapists with many years of experience. We use trans-personal and process-oriented psychology, as well as Systemic Constellations and shamanic traditions. We’ve been married for over 25 years. We have 2 teenage kids. We have experienced many breakups and returns. We know what a conflict in a relationship is and how […]

Katarzyna Niewiadomska

I consider myself a very creative woman, mother and wife. I love to learn new skills and I continuously keep discovering my gifts and wisdom. I am a Reiki Healer, I do Chinese Cupping Massage. I am currently learning the Craniosacral Therapy. I love to serve people and help them feel better again. I also […]

Aneta Lelicka

I’m passionate about life. I am a holistic therapist. I love to inspire and initiate changes. I love using essential oils in mu sessions since I am a doTERRA advocate. I also am owner of a „Creative Space”, as creativity is a paradise for my soul. Spirituality, energy and physicality are inseparable for me. That’s […]

Magdalena Kuropatwińska

Magdalena has been studying and practicing Ayurvedic teachings for over 10 years.She’s like a detective, looking for imbalances in body and soul   She also works with craniosacral therapy and…tbc

Agnieszka Kramm

Psychogist, psychotherapist, founder and creator of “Women’s Place Foundation” which helps women find their voice, their power and a more successful path in life. Agnieszka leads workshops, trainings, social projects, circles and also works with archetypes, is inspired by the native teachings. She has been coming to K-ochana for years with the groups of women. […]

Maria Ela Ziemkiewicz

According to my inner potential I am: a visionary dreamer, an optimist and Mother Earth and Slavic Traditions caretaker. I am a Reiki Teacher, Bio-energy therapist, Healer, Farmer, Daughter, Mother, Sister, Elder, Guide, Translator,  I love to be creative, conquer new challenges and listen to the classical music. I hold Circles and Sweat-lodges and pass […]

Arna Agata Okońska

Avid K-ochana supporter and community member. Arna teaches literature and astrology- she says it’s a never ending teaching opportunity for her as well. She is a wife that is in love with her husband, and a mother of 2 sons. She came to K-ochana to learn and heal. Arna loves to dive deep into individual’s […]

Mona Cichoń

I’ve been on self-development path for over 20 years now. I’ve been taking part in Circles for over 12 years, and for the last 4 years I’ve been holding the organizational part of Woman Circle Assembly. I call and hold Circles, they are a big part of my life. I work with Dreams, using different […]

Aneta Stępień-Proszewska

I support women and men on their way to free themselves from fear, shame and limiting thought-forms. I help them discover fullness of potential and reach to the sources of inner strength. I am convinced that Peace on Earth starts from inner peace and freedom in each of us. I combine many methods and skills […]

Justyna Wencel

I have a gift of Holding Space for female transformation and initiations into new phases of life. I support women in regaining the Earth connection so they can grow in Love and Strength, so that they can Ground better. I work through the medium of workshops, circles and ceremonies. I create Menarche (first blood) ceremonies […]