K-ochana Foundation

We wish to continue to serve the people and the land

At the moment we are in the process of gathering funds to buy K-ochana Foundation’s homeland from its’ present owner, so we and the land continue to be of service for the benefit of all.

K-ochana was bought and founded in 2000 by a Native American ElderGrandfather Silver Fox and his Polish/Canadian wife Grandmother Danuta Ogaoeno Mette. Their love was epic- for lack of a better word- IT created this safe haven. They taught us that we can go through any turmoils in life if we listen to the love that’s always deep in our hearts. They chose to live their lives with the people,
showing everyday what Love is. They loved each other dearly and worked everyday on their relationship. They had their challenges, yet love always prevailed. They both have unfortunately crossed over (2009 and 2016) and we continue their heritage and our future on this beautiful land (2,52acres).

We inhabit an old wooden house and use refurbished barn for our guests. We have build a greenhouse and are in the process of building a chicken-coop. We would like to be as self-sufficient as possible, and regarding present circumstances (War in Ukraine) it’s even a better idea.

We are a non-profit organization which main purpose is to serve as a
healing place- where therapists, teachers and native elders work with the people, and share their wisdom in a safe, private and quiet environment.
K-ochana is also an organic farm aimed at lowering the carbon footprint. Every year we do a little more to contaminate less and recycle more.
We are a community oriented safe haven. Visitors come to us to rest from the rush and stresses of the city life. People soooo need it nowadays.
There are 4 of us permanently living here: me, my partner Jacek, my mom and her very energetic 80-year old British friend Roy. 🙂 The rest of community comes regularly to visit and be together.
K-ochana has also been a home to Native American and Slavic teachings. Grandmother Danuta, the founder, had studied for over 20 years with two Native American teachers- Grandmother Twylah Nitsch and Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo (you can check them out online). The first one was from the Seneca tribe, the other one is from the Cherokee Nation. They knew that the „white” world would need the Native Teachings and wisdom to awaken the hearts and help survive upcoming hard times and they shared their wisdom freely.
Granfather Silver Fox was of Cherokee and German descent. He was brought up by his Native American grandmother, who taught him the native way of life. He passed his wisdom on everyday when he shared his life with the people. Such a generous heart!
What big shoes to fill. We follow in their footsteps loving the place we live in and learning to live in harmony with each other, the visitors and the land.